Flavor Of the Week

Capella has been around for a long time.
They make some of the most affordable tasty concentrates available.

Primarily considered a candy flavoring company intended for food, FW provides MSDS sheets for convenience. Big props!

Beginning in 2008, FlavourArt can be considered an OG in the flavor field.
They pride themselves on superior flavor.

In the Fall of 2013 Flavorah was born and became the first flavor house crafting flavors specifically for the vaping community. With that they created a selection of some not so common flavors for us mixers in addition to your regular mixing staples.


One of the largest producers of eliquid flavorings out of Poland,
Inawera provides some of the most concentrated flavors available.


Primarily offering aromas for fragrance use, The Flavors Apprentice has proudly served the vaping community since the beginning.

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