David Haney


My Vape Story

I was a late bloomer with tobacco. I began smoking at age 18. After smoking cigarettes for a few years, I began having trouble breathing. I switched to snuff and chewing tobacco looking for an alternative. Honestly, I don’t know which was worse. To me it was just the nicotine satisfaction that I craved. After years of switching back and forth, or sometimes dual using, health problems began to show.

I was once on vacation and watching my two sons playing on the beach and it was then I had to make the decision "it’s time to quit if I want to see them grow up". I tried everything. Cold turkey, gum, patches and nicotine lozenges. I got close but I always seemed to fail, and I was back to using some form of tobacco.

So with very little vaping gear back then, I went into a tobacco shop and seen a device similar to a cigarette. I bought it. Turned out to be garbage! It didn’t do a thing for my nicotine craving. About a year later vape style pens started to become more available and fluid which was a term used back then for e-liquid.

36mg fluid was available in pretty much basic fruit and tobacco flavors. It seemed to help. It took me 3 different attempts experimenting with vaping before I moved to a more modern device that helped kick tobacco for good. It was a great feeling. I've been vaping since without any tradtional tobacco product use. I breathe better, I feel better. Vaping saved my life. Now I'll see my two boys grow up.

How I Started Mixing

Once I became a full time vapor and with more technology available the so called “Premium” e-liquid exploded to the market place. I started to venture into better tasting e-liquid. Sure enough, it was the same old story you hear from other DIY Mixers. The cost was outrageous. I couldn’t justify paying 25 dollars or more for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid every few days, but I didn’t want to go back to smoking.

I knew there had to be a way to recreate E-liquid so my DIY adventures began. Thankfully I was surrounded by some great mixing mentors at the time that helped me master the art of DIY.

Russell Branche


My Vape Story

My Vaping story starts about 3 yrs ago.. Was 2 packs a day on a good day, 3.5 on a bad day for as many years as I care to remember.. I had often scoffed at people trying to quit but not really looking at myself and what I needed to change in my life and with my health.. A coworker got me started and I have blossomed into what I am today... I am not the best at mixing but I do put my heart into my recipes... But I want to pass onto others what was passed on to me in the vaping and ejuice makers communities... Peace and Happy Mixing...

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