David Haney


My Vape Story

I was a late bloomer with tobacco. I began smoking at age 18. After smoking cigarettes for a few years, I began having trouble breathing. I switched to snuff and chewing tobacco looking for an alternative. Honestly, I don’t know which was worse. To me it was just the nicotine satisfaction that I craved. After years of switching back and forth, or sometimes dual using, health problems began to show.

I was once on vacation and watching my two sons playing on the beach and it was then I had to make the decision "it’s time to quit if I want to see them grow up". I tried everything. Cold turkey, gum, patches and nicotine lozenges. I got close but I always seemed to fail, and I was back to using some form of tobacco.

So with very little vaping gear back then, I went into a tobacco shop and seen a device similar to a cigarette. I bought it. Turned out to be garbage! It didn’t do a thing for my nicotine craving. About a year later vape style pens started to become more available and fluid which was a term used back then for e-liquid.

36mg fluid was available in pretty much basic fruit and tobacco flavors. It seemed to help. It took me 3 different attempts experimenting with vaping before I moved to a more modern device that helped kick tobacco for good. It was a great feeling. I've been vaping since without any tradtional tobacco product use. I breathe better, I feel better. Vaping saved my life. Now I'll see my two boys grow up.

How I Started Mixing

Once I became a full time vapor and with more technology available the so called “Premium” e-liquid exploded to the market place. I started to venture into better tasting e-liquid. Sure enough, it was the same old story you hear from other DIY Mixers. The cost was outrageous. I couldn’t justify paying 25 dollars or more for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid every few days, but I didn’t want to go back to smoking.

I knew there had to be a way to recreate E-liquid so my DIY adventures began. Thankfully I was surrounded by some great mixing mentors at the time that helped me master the art of DIY.

Russell Branche


My Vape Story

My Vaping story starts about 3 yrs ago.. Was 2 packs a day on a good day, 3.5 on a bad day for as many years as I care to remember.. I had often scoffed at people trying to quit but not really looking at myself and what I needed to change in my life and with my health.. A coworker got me started and I have blossomed into what I am today... I am not the best at mixing but I do put my heart into my recipes... But I want to pass onto others what was passed on to me in the vaping and ejuice makers communities... Peace and Happy Mixing...



My Vape Story

Age: 38
Hails from: Wisconsin. Up Nort der' cha know?
Mixing for: If I told you that I'd have to kill you. But it's not too hard to figure out.

Where did you get your online handle?
Best friend, who has since passed, gave it to me in high school. Real name is Max. Never stuck publicly except a couple people, but it reminds me of him & sounds kinda cool. Wish it was because I was rich lol.
Why did you start vaping?

Thought it would be the easiest on my friends & family. I quit drinking earlier that year and lost a bunch of weight. Smoking had to go. My girlfriend bought a juul & a Novo to try & get ahead of me as she knew I was determined to quit. I tried it & thought: this could work. Got a Novo and bottle of creamy tobacco by Solace. Dual used for about 10 days before totally switching. Switched to box mods & dl vaping about 1 month later.
What got you started mixing? Actually, my first 2 vape bookmarks were for elr & nicotine River. $22 for 30ml of salt at local shop was bad. I knew I could do better for cheaper somehow. A $120 juice order that left us totally disappointed is what made me start researching diy. I read for about 2 months straight on Reddit (those guys are the best I don't care what anyone says. Ask your question in the right place & suddenly we're not all assholes, now are we?) before placing my first order. No looking back ever since. I mix for myself & my girlfriend, that's all. When I release a recipe to the wild it'll be something one or both of us really digs.
First aha! Moment?

Actually my first mix was a modified version of mustard milk (thank you Alfred Pudding). So I was never traditional. That should have been a foreshadowing. 2 elr disappointments (I'd never mix either again ever btw. So wrong, so very wrong.) & I decided to try my first custard mix solo. It was good as hell (at the time). Since then I've done 90% of what we vape as original materiel.
Favorite recipe of mine?

It's not released yet, but I've got a key lime white chocolate cookie I've vaped a ton of it tweaking here & there. Patience! But for released I definitely have made a decent amount of my wtf?! Another vanilla custard?! Love custards.

Favorite recipe of another mixer? Gotta be the cornbread puddin remix by our own shakenvape007. I've vaped a ton of that & always have some around. Also buttermilk pie by Silky is phenomenal. I'm ashamed to say I don't try enough of other people's mixes. Trying to change that!
What do I do different than other mixers? Hmmm, I don't know. I mix by smell 90% of the time. I collect Flavors & vape gear like some people collect comics: stuff is everywhere & it's kinda nerdy, but I like it 🙂

How many flavors do you currently have? 725+
Is that enough? Huh? Sorry was just reading about this sale at <insert flavor vendor here>... But, seriously, no. Although I would trade half my fruits for more bakery & dessert type flavors.
Advice for other mixers? How long you got, brotha?

Diversify your knowledge sources #1.

Fb is not the only place you should be learning how to mix, no one place should be. I highly recommend the diy_ejuice discord server for real time help & a great community. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Read, read, mix & read some more. Take notes. Invest in small (10-20ml) bottles. Smell every aroma BEFORE you mix with it (this will save you many headaches & bad stories like the time you tried fa dark bean at 5% Find a "mixing buddy" that's into the same type of vapes as you. Develop relationships. Do flavor trades, you've probably got something I don't have & vice versa so let's talk. TPA sweetener DOESN'T contain ethyl maltol dammit, it should be one of the last sweeteners you buy not the first.

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